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Who We Are

Simplifying the purchase of Structured Settlement Annuities

MJSSA offers investors the opportunity to purchase Structured Settlement Annuities that deliver a guaranteed, fixed income stream over a defined period of time. Our Secondary Market Annuities are backed by large, “A” Rated insurance companies, offer high returns, and allow you to customize your payment schedule.

Our team is highly trained to listen carefully to our clients’ needs and to build relationships based upon respect, trust and understanding. MJSSA’s professional and knowledgeable staff have been with the company in excess of fifteen years and have the requisite knowledge and experience to get the job done right the first time. Each transaction is individually customized and based upon our client’s unique circumstances.

Our Approach

Using time tested strategies, we create suitable, safe, non-volatile solutions for our clients. MJSSA does complete due diligence on every settlement we offer. We have the expertise and knowledge to find the right settlement for you and your money.

We turn investors’ lives around forever. Investors find peace of mind associated with safety, through high-yield and guaranteed investments that create true wealth.

If earning guaranteed greater rates of returns than comparable products such as CD’s and traditional annuities with the safety we describe sounds intriguing, the offerings from MJ Structured Settlement Annuities is what you’ve been looking for.

Client Benefits

Our clients earn higher rates of return than comparable fixed rate investments like CD’s, Money Market Funds, Bonds and Traditional Annuities.

Security & Safety
MJSSA provides their clients the security of guaranteed payments over a defined period of time. Every structured settlement we offer is backed by a major Insurance Company.

Experienced & Trusted Management Team
MJSSA’s professional and knowledgeable staff has more than fifteen years of experience in the industry. This allows us to take advantage of the capital markets on your behalf and customize a lump sum settlement or payment schedule to meet your needs.

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